BigDataMachine Project


Mara Destéfanis


March 26, 2023

Overview BigDataMachine

A little about the beginning:

The first idea of BDM started inside 01Market, a digital marketing agency in 2015, due to the increase in data volume from the internet and recognizing the internet as a valuable source for understanding market issues, behaviors, and needs.

BigDataMachine profile:

The journey began with the creation of a Social Business Intelligence startup dedicated to analyzing data from the internet and social networks.


BigDataMachine® platform collects, analyzes, and visualizes data from the internet and social networks. BDM facilitates big data analysis through its products:


Data was commercially packaged in to products

  • Datalítica: How does the performance of my social networks look?

  • Competition Analysis: How competitive is my company?

  • Customer Experience: How is the experience of my product/service?

  • Reputation: What is my online reputation?

  • Sales Funnel Analysis: Why do my customers buy or leave?

  • Research: Is there a market for new products?

Current state:

Until 2022, we have undertaken large-scale data projects, such as online monitoring of the presidential national electoral campaigns of Argentina in 2017 (mid-term) and 2019 (presidential) for the National Electoral Chamber, as well as various projects for companies from Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, and Mexico.


In 2020, during the pandemic, BigDataMachine secured incubation in Uruguay and started developing with new technologies and languages, including Python, Docker, Hadoop, Kafka, and TensorFlow. The focus shifted to democratizing data analysis tools to empower Latin companies, creating a self-managed platform for users at a low or zero cost.