Prototype of the prototype


Mara Destefanis


February 14, 2023

Prototype version 0

Shiny is an R package that simplifies the process of building interactive web applications directly from R. When a traditional media advertising company requested the conversion of digital advertising results reports, my response was to create a dashboard where we could present the desired information. Thus, I began creating a prototype called Version 0, also known as “The Idea in Motion.”

Version 0 allowed for a quick transition to a real and basic draft, avoiding unnecessary time wastage. It provided the following benefits:

The Version 0, help :

  1. Organizing data in menus, pages, and sections.

  2. Understanding the required content for displaying in tables.

  3. Determining the most suitable types of graphics for representing the data.

  4. Identifying additional information needed to be shared in other formats such as text, images, and videos, and deciding where to place them.

By leveraging Shiny’s capabilities, I was able to efficiently develop a prototype that served as a starting point for further refinement and enhancements.

First step:

  • UI pages menues

Second step:

Play with different widgets and graphics

Tercer step:

See the complete dashboard. The prototype of the prototype is ready

Example Complete Version 0

With Version 0 serving as a draft, the final prototype begins to take shape. It’s now time to solidify the reorganization of pages, menus, tables, and graphs. Additionally, I will review and enhance interactivity and graphics, leveraging packages like Plotly and DT for advanced visualizations and interactive tables. I’ll carefully select and implement widget options to improve the user experience (UX), paying attention to details that enhance usability and overall design.

This phase marks the transition from the initial draft to a more refined and complete version of the dashboard. By incorporating user feedback, making necessary adjustments, and utilizing additional packages and widgets, I will ensure that the final prototype meets the desired objectives and provides an engaging and informative user experience.